" Overall, it was a positive experience and we’re very happy with our new home. It was out first time building a new house and it’s a situation where ‘we didn’t know what we didn’t know,’ so it’s good for the builder to be able to guide us through the process. I really like the ‘female friendly’ changes that you’ve made!"

- Bret & Barb.

" Working with Sherwood Homes was a very good experience. It was great to be able to pick your own stuff in their design center. We made many alterations anticipating it to cost more but didn’t. They were very accommodating. The craftsmanship is good and the after move-in service has been outstanding. And, the contingency selling agreement made the project less risky for us."

- John & Katherine.

" I really appreciated that during construction Wayne, our builder, would come through the house and check everything out for us. Wayne’s even been back a couple of times after we moved in just to make sure we’re happy with the home."

- Sylvester & Rita.

" This was the second home Sherwood Homes has built for us. We brought them a plan we bought off the internet and they were able to custom build it for us. With Sherwood, you get as good a deal as you can for a house."

- Joseph & Robin.

" Sherwood made the designing of our home an excellent experience! They were so patient and accommodating while working with us, and gave their full attention to every minor detail, making the adjustments necessary for us to be completely satisfied. Working with them felt like having our own personal architect. They sat down and listened to every one of our ideas and then turned around and modified the design into exactly the home that we wanted. I would recommend Sherwood to anyone, no question. In fact…I have!"

- David & Marjorie.

" All of the people at Lane were very professional, very friendly and very helpful. You can’t get much better than that! When it came to the entryway for our home, we were having trouble finding a design idea that we really liked. We went to Brian, who was the builder on the construction of our home, and he immediately began suggesting some alternative options. He helped us find exactly the entryway we were looking for, and now when you walk into our home, you know instantly that ‘this is a great place!’ Lane is ahead of the competition in both quality and craftsmanship. I’ve had several homes built by other builders, and none of them even come close to Lane."

- Bill & Nancy.

" When it came to deciding on the details of the interior design, we didn’t even know what color of paint to select. Brian, our home builder, came in and just whipped out a bunch of ideas. It blew my mind! Not only are the colors perfect, but so is the flow and transition they create between rooms. It was wonderful just knowing that there was so much support. Everyone at Lane & Sherwood was so accessible, approachable and easy to communicate with!"

- Michael & Michelle.

" Everyone at Sherwood was so wonderful and easy to work with, from the agents and builders to the secretaries in the office. They were all so accommodating and friendly! I had a concern about a minor detail of texturing on the molding in the master bedroom and when I called Sherwood and the secretary told me she would talk to our builder about it. To my surprise, in less than thirty minutes, Wayne contacted me personally and the problem was immediately resolved." Overall, we really felt like part of the process during the design and construction of our Sherwood home. We were always kept up-to-date on everything and never felt like we had to ask how things were going. When I told my friends the date that Sherwood gave us for the completion of our home, they all laughed and told me to expect it to be weeks or even months late. Not only did Sherwood meet that deadline, they even finished ahead of schedule!"

- Ping & Lindsey.

" When we decided to build a home, we were very unsure how to go about the process. We had heard so many nightmares from friends about other builders, but we were pleasantly surprised. They made the process so comfortable for us! Every single person was absolutely terrific! They were so accommodating and went out of their way to make sure we had the home that we wanted."

- Michael & Jennifer.